Tuesday, 27 March 2007

The Stare - DogBlog II

I am being stared at by a nose. It’s attached to a small hairy dog, who thinks there is an outside possibility that I may have cheese about my person. Or within reach. Or in the same room. It’s a penetrating stare, which has little to do with eyes (well, they’re getting a little less than perfect), and she’s able to maintain it for hours. If I move chairs, she shifts round to keep The Stare on target. I am – to her small doggy brain – She Who Gives Cheese.

In the same fashion, Mum is She Who Walks. If she moves from the sofa, she has a hairy shadow. Just in case she’s going out. Even if it’s only to the kitchen. Or to the bathroom – we get accustomed to being escorted (and mump-grumped at while we are in there). The Stare (it has developed a personality of its own) follows us wherever we go.

The joy of dogs.


j. said...

shpooky! :D

GfM said...

She Who Gives Cheese. Well, it's a common fact in the animal kingdom, that humans are viewed as food automatons :lol: i.e. can openers in cat's eyes.

Anonymous said...

I swear to the gods! As I open this page to read it, I am being stared at by a nose, attatched to a biggish dog. AND....Iam eating apple pie with cheddar, which I'm expected to share.

You know, we can't really blame them, cheese is a wonderful thing.


Tats said...

Love it - is that your Native American name? I can just imagine Moth's expression. At least you don't have the "wit"!

The rabbits' noses are too mobile to stare, but their hopeful eyes and posture leave me in no doubt that I am "she who brings dandelions".

Jude - I totally agree about cheese being a wonderful thing. Do they have the saying in your area, "Apple pie without some cheese, is like a kiss without a squeeze"?