Thursday, 26 May 2016

The Invisible Ibis

So there's a glossy ibis on the reserve. Maybe even two. Been there for over a week. It's even on the new office window-list.

But have I seen it? Have I heck!

I've seen the endless reports come in, responded to emails about 'what's this odd bird', listened to colleagues come in from various places on the site saying 'Just seen it'... but no. Nada. Rien. Zilch. It was in a filed near the hotel in the village at the north end of the reserve yesterday, seen by one of our wardens at about 4.00 pm - he even rang to let me know it was there...but when I got there - nothing.

OK, I'm limited as to where I can go - walking over rough ground or any distance from the car is a problem, but it was (estimated) only about 50 yards from the fence. I even hauled myself up onto the doorframe of the car to make myself taller - still nowt. (Hope that didn't cause the broken spring which caused my car's MOT failure today... oops)

It's not a MAJOR thing - I mean, I've seen them before - look like a very dark, depressed, curlew unless the sun is really shining on them, when the plumage takes on an oily sheen, like you get on puddles with petrol.

But it's bloody irritating!


Mackie said...

plain inconsidereate, it is!! Bad bird. Bad bird!!

How really frustrating! fingers crossed that you get to see it soon.

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