Tuesday, 20 June 2006

No safety in numbers

So I blearily stumbled out of my door this morning to take out the trash and thought - where the heck's the bowl of flowers? Some b*stard's nicked some of my plant pots!

Now I know my garden's overgrown - (but it's intentionally like that, the owner squeaked) - but nicking my plant pots is a bit much! By the look of it, there's three gone. It's difficult to tell, as I have a lot of them - it's a small garden with a chunk of concrete -hence pots on the hardstanding - but it looks like the ones that are currently out (like - flowering with a vengeance, looking great, cost a lot!) are among the vanished. Rhodohypoxis, I mourn thee - ten years I've had these, and they've dutifully flowered every spring/summer, they have been the subject of mystery - why did I plant half red bulbs, half white, and they all end up white? - they have cheered me up every year. Gone, now, probably to some a**hole's stall at a car-boot sale. It's not as if it would be awfully easy - walking down the road with a pot of plants would be a bit obvious, let alone several - has to be a car heist. And they'd have to be looking closely - the garden ain't that self-evident.

What, or who, can profit in plant-pot heists?


mackie said...

BASTARDS!!!!!!! :db: makes me all violent to think about it. stealing people#s flowers is nasty.

Anonymous said...

Doesn't it kind of make you want to go around to boot-sales and look?
It's especially upsetting to lose something like that, that you've put time & effort into over so long. Some quote...he who steals my purse , takes nothing, but he who takes my pot plants takes my labour! OK, lots of liberties there. LOL!


mad said...

Oh Jude, it does, but there are so many, and I can't pin down exactly when it happened - so probably well away by now. I'll be keeping my eye out as I travel around though.

:sigh: It's the fact that someone actually DID it that bites, mostly.

j. said...

well, if you're born with yellow fingers like me, the only chance you have with a plant is if you nick a healthy one from someone who has green fingers. :l

however, i myself would never nick. i'd just drop MANY MANY hints and then whine for a few hundred days before the owner gave me the potted plant so that i shut up. :D