Thursday, 22 June 2006


splat. a fat raindrop
falls from wet honeysuckle
down dry back of neck.

Hmm. I guess I should trim the greenery round the front door, but it's growing so well!

Yesterday was a splatty sort of day. The song says 'sometimes you're the windshield, sometimes you're the bug' - but why, with around one-and-a-half square metres of windshield, does the bug always splat right where I look out of it most of the time? And why, if there are a lot of bugs, is it always the biggest, juiciest, most messy bug that splats in this position?
Why is it that if I am behind a lorry, it's nearly always one carrying wet gravel (splat - dirty wet mud all over the front of the car) or a refrigerated fish wagon (splat - salty fishy water all over the front of the car)??
And this is the point where I discover that the washer bottle has now run dry, after bug removal. Deep joy.

And then there was the gull that whitewashed my windscreen on a roundabout in Great Yarmouth...but that's another story.

Summer is definitely here - that harbinger of the season, 'unfeasibly extensive roadworks', is seen in the land.......

Red light. More roadworks.
Lots of men doing nothing.
A two mile tail-back.


Anonymous said...

Mad, you captured the windsheild frustrations perfectlly!
A tip, learned the hard way: If you get bird poo on the windshield , while driving, and spritz it good with cleaner and hit the wipers....make sure your windows are UP. Eeeww!


mad said...


I can imagine only too well. The Yarmouth roundabout was tricky - we were actually on the roundabout, going in circles, and suddenly WHAM - no vision at all! frantic windscreen cleaning, hoping not to hit anything entering the roundabout, and trying to maintain the same lock on the steering wheel so as not to spin off into a kerbstone!!!!

Anonymous said...

It's a good thing as a woman, that you are so good at multitasking! LOL~
I have an awful time with these word verification doohickies. I swear, they morph while I'm typing. Here goes nothing

j. said...

mad, here it's not the bugs but the pigeon droppings. amazing how they can aim for the centre of the driver's vision from way up there.

jude, i don't think i should ask how you came to know that tip. :P

my word from google is qzbasucu - definitely one of the russian swear words for bugs. :P

mackie said...

Mad, i think it is the last second revenge of the bugs. :yes: or maybe they are kamikaze-bugs, and their emperor has told them they go to bug heaven if they hit the spot on your windshield. :-P

(and ACK!!! about the roundabout story. nightmare!!!*)

(my word is something Dutch for some sort of sticky sweets, i think "nofddbes")

mackie said...

oh, and LOVE the haikus!!!
(word is dutch again - ijwibzij)