Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Riddle of the Sand

OK - I take it back - working outside AND a beautiful day! Doesn't often happen.

What I want to know is - what is the deal with kids and sand? All that space on the beach, all the interesting stuff to beachcomb, and what do they do?

Dig holes.

Huge holes. It's as if there's a primeval urge to get to Australia. And then when the holes fill up with water, it's the most exciting thing that ever happened. But why is it that, with this crazy love for sand, they want to take bucketloads home but hate it in their wellies?

Kids. Go figure.


Loudlush said...

I've got a primeval urge to get out of Australia at the moment, maybe I should head to the nearest beach and get digging.

And what is it with kids and sticks? Is there some unwritten law dictating that large and dangerous ex-tree-bits must be picked up, waved around (as near as possible to as many eyes as one can manage) and then thrown away with great gusto, and no apparent regard to direction, when told to "Put it down. Now".

mad said...

If I see someone coming up out of the sand I'll expect it to be you!!!

There must be a whole series of these unwritten laws - stomping on fungi seems to be another one.....

mackie said...

i can see the point about hating sand in wellies, you know :-|

another unwritten law - when near a body of water, throw something into it.

Anonymous said...

Also you must walk along the beach for miles looking, not at the glorious view of the neverending ocean, or the glorious bird dappled sky, but at the sand 2 feet around you, in case...just this once....you'll find a Japanese fishing float. Then you stop by the gift shop on the way home and buy one...again.

j. said...